Tuesday, August 25, 2009

World Action Direct Network-What is?

Who we are-What we do

Notice; we operate separately but collectively in an effort to target important messages to where they are intended to go, and/or communities where those messages will resonate.We have access to each others accounts in an effort to give more effective service.If you have concerns and do not want us to "multi-party" retweet information, please notify the account holder you joined.

World Action Direct Network is a group of advocates committed to informing the wider community of #humanrights #indigenous #homeless #environmental and #marginalization #climate #foodsecurity issues worldwide.

We harness the resources of Twitter, & other networks as necessary to promote local issues worldwide,and worldwide issues locally.Our collective, of individual tweeters, sometimes choose to engage more directly in the issue.We prioritize siding with people over organisations and the environment over interests who would destroy it.

Our core group on Twitter are

@RadioYerevan Indigenous Armenian born & raised overseas with a commitment to raising Armenian awareness, supporting minorities in Armenia, green energy development and media.Mainstream media person disillusioned by editorial policies and government constraints.

@Uyghurs Committed to Uyghur self determination,womens rights & responsibilities, family rights, ending unsolicited government interference in families,communities.Fiercely independent.Feminist Union official and Truck driver.

@TiheiMauriora Maori of NgatiPorou/Whakatohea/Tuhoe/Te Aitanga a Mahaki descent with traditionalist philosophy as to occupancy,sovreignity cultural and environmental issues. Not known for working or engaging with government.Committed to common issues/ common solutions/ common good strategy in resolving indigenous issues to the satisfaction of individual indigenous communities worldwide.

@SydneyHomeless Ex businessman,union official,Vietnam & anti-Apartheid campaigner, lives among Street community in Sydney. "Not in our name" campaigner advocating public transparency for organisations receiving government and donor funding in the name of marginalised groups- bulk (80%) of funds received to be deployed in a manner which constituents find beneficial. Views Federal State and local body homelessness policies as serving government departments and charity-businesses. Advocates stimulates and advises marginalised on self empowerment via self developed exit strategies. Currently promoting Sydney Homeless Homestay & internet for empowerment.

@Anarchists is the box many put this mercurial identity into...it fits (but not quite) and I wear it comfortably.Ex Project Manager (construction),passionate traveller, sometime editor, fundraiser and activist for many causes.Passionate supporter of own indigenous community.Persistent advocate for childrens & youth rights.Father of 11. Probably disagree with many views of other team members-content to work together on the things we do agree on. Believer in building stronger cohesive self empowered communities from the individual outward-not top down.

@1stNations has worked with several aboriginal polynesian inuit and micronesian communities and is of Guyanian Arawak, GajangGajang & Bunjalung Oz Aboriginal, Kanak & Maori descent. "In negotiations with governments, invariably, indigenous people lose something.I know of not one case where a government has entered negotiations without seeking a greater advantage for themselves than they already have. Advocate of indigenous driven education without assimilation & supporter of traditional indigenous autonomy.

@blackfellas Born in Colignan Victoria- a city reared Australian aboriginal with links to the Yarabah Cherbourg and Adelaide River mobs- internet marketer,busker,AFL nut(Go Swannies) and budding country music artist.Jail educated-still can't quite get my head around me getting 2 years for taking a car that wasn't being used,while the jailmasters get honours and accolades for stealing an entire country.

Core group have access to all group Twitter accounts for management purposes,and often Tweet relevant articles across each others accounts.
  • Committed to "WalkAway" policy in relationships with government.If they have anything they wish to engage about,let it be at a time place and on terms of our choosing-or not at all.
  • Advocate of an immediate end to the racist intervention policies or the extension of those policies to ALL Australians-risky strategy,but I just can't see the wider Australian community wearing it. Supporter of aboriginal self determination.

@Brasil_Indigena is our Brazilian language service co-ordinated by a youthful team of Brazilian ac.

Collectively,my raison de etre is to build and drive a self sufficient internet platform which allows and enables marginalised communities to broadcast their issues, and the world community to support them.We are NOT protesters.We are promoters of and advocates for the causes we select.

I do not align with or promote any religion, poliitical party or government.We do provide news of above where that news has an impact on our identified causes or communities.

My objective is to offer a 24 hour supported service with multilingual partners conveying and communicating to end oppression and marginalisation worldwide.

  • Our followers are served by commercial free alternative news opinion and discussion of topical and historical events relevant to our issues.We also promote issues which we consider worthwhile.
  • To community and indigenous groups seeking to resolve issues we offer at a minimum the opportunity to effectively communicate your message internationally,or international message locally.We make an assessment on an individual case basis-no charge.
  • To Twitter marketers-we offer news content for internet marketers.If your end game is to make money from your social account,and you have a minimum of 2000 followers, why not leave unprofitable news content provision to us? Is this for you? DM your email contact to @Uyghurs .
  • Looking for ways to make money on Twitter? We can help there too!!! ...coming soon.
  • Of course, we strongly urge you to participate directly in the campaigns we promote.We do so ourselves,as much as we can.
  • You may also join in our projects directly.We are always seeking new supporters.
  • MEDIA Managers-If you are a news service promoting community cause or issue based news, contact @RadioYerevan via DM-we are usually more than happy to promote your news items...no fundraising or religious messages accepted.
  • Translators-we are interested in contacting bi-lingual people capable to translate articles for us...contact @anarchists via DM.
  • Tweeters... help in the engine room!!! contact @RadioYerevan via DM.
  • Skype people-to assist with providing a 24hr Skype support service.
  • ...more coming..............
  • Tweeters-